Who – from seed to feed, a brand on the growing

Farmed by Nature is a Portuguese brand founded by agricultural producers,
certified in Organic mode. Since 2017, the company has been
conquering market in Europe, South America, Middle East and Far East.
In 2019, the Farmed by Nature brand fulfilled its objective of consolidating
its position in the markets where it operates. By 2020, this consolidation
will be enhanced along with the desire to go even further, having already
started trade relations in Japan.

Where – the farms where Nature does its Magic.

Come on, take the tour and visit some of our farms. From north to south of the country, a very varied mosaic of soils, climate and traditions. From the harsh cold of the north to the southern Mediterranean heat, from the highlands to the flatlands, everything is done with the concern and awareness that agricultural production must offer populations, ecosystems and economies healthier, more environmentally friendly and sustainable alternatives. After all, is what we will leave to our children and our children´s children.

What – portuguese organic flavours

We are producers, organic farmers, traders, developers, visionaries. We offer the market some of the best organic products you can find in the world: the portuguese certified organic vegetables and fruits. 

Why – helping Nature save the world.

At Farmed by Nature, we believe that organic food production is healthier,
more bio-friendly, more sustainable, and ultimately a responsible way
to help save the planet we call HOME. Is there a better reason?

Let’s Work Together!