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Farmed by Nature

In the begining…

… everything has been farmed by nature… 

We are a team of people from diverse backgrounds, personal and professional, with a common belief: We must go the old ways if we want to build a better future – respecting nature and its biodiversity, ourselves and future generations. 

 The tide is turning. We want to be part of this and we count on you. Are you ready


Organic farming

At Farmed by Nature, we take the principles and objectives of Organic Farming very seriously. 

From soil preparation to your table, everything scrupulously respects these principles and objectives, so you can be sure that the quality of our products is unquestionable.

Our country

Throughout history, Portugal has always been an agricultural country.

The traditional practices that have survived to this day and the edaphoclimatic qualities guarantee the quality of Portuguese agricultural production in organic mode. And all this can be proved by savoring our products. Give it a try. You will love it.



Trust, the cornerstone of a good relationship.

The main guarantee we offer all our clients and partners is our commitment and mission regarding organic farming. The certification is a consequence and proof of our work.  

Organic Farmers


Certified Organic


Fresh vegetables

Our products are very diverse, due to varieties and their dispertion throughout territory. Vegetables, fruit, olive oil and processed products are part of our offer.   


Dried fruits have a great tradition in Portugal for their organoleptic qualities and some others…

A well-known legend tells the love story of an Arab prince from the Algarve (Al Garb from arabic), in the south of the country, who married a Nordic princess. The princess had longed for the snow of her country. Then the prince had thousans almond trees planted wich, once flowered, looked as if it had snowed, making the princess happy.  


Fresh fruits

Our citrus fruit, our red fruits, our indigenous regional varieties are famous. They are worth knowing and especially tasting. Surelly they will conquer the most demanding of palates. 

Olive oil

Olive oil production in Portugal is so old that its record predates the Roman invasion. By the way, some areas of the country were known in Rome for the high quality of its olive oil. 

In 2018, in Biofach (Nuremberg), it was the only Portuguese olive oil awarded.